maxxLūp Hop Dosing System

Go beyond the hops with our hop infusion system that works with a variety of adjuncts including cone or pellet hops, coffee, spices, and fruit. Our hop circulation tank provides a pressure related solution that solves the inconvenient process of dry hopping while being more versatile than any other hop dosing system on the market. 

Using a removable screen design, the maxxLūp allows for handling versatile ingredients with increased efficiency. Users have reported up to a 50% reduction in ingredient amounts while still achieving the same or better sensory analysis. 

Our infusion tank sits on casters that allow you to easily move the maxxLūp from the brewhouse, where it can function as a hopback, to the cellar, where it can be used to safely dryhop without needing to access the top of a fermenter.

See how much you can save in your brewing process with our maxxLūp ROI calculator.


  • Up to 50% reduction in hop and adjunct use while achieving the same or better sensory analysis
  • Elimination of lengthy steep times for adjuncts
  • Available in 50, 100 and 200 gallon models
  • Large outlet valve allows for easy removal of spent hops and adjuncts
  • Dedicated spray balls for the vessel and screen ensure complete CIP
  • Motor-free design employs fluid flow to harness the essential oils and resins in hops and adjuncts while mitigating the risk of shear damage
  • The configuration of the maxxLūp allows the vessel to be purged, reducing the introduction of unwanted oxygen into the product
  • Removable screen design allows for thorough inspection and works with a variety of ingredients including cone or pellet hops, coffee, spices, and fruit
  • Designed for use in both cellar and brewhouse with casters that allow the user to move the vessel throughout the brewery
  • Eliminates the need to access the top of the fermenter for dry hopping
  • Pressure rated and ASME Code-stamped options are available

Specifications and Sizing

Type Density Max Loading % 50 Gallon 100 Gallon 200 Gallon
Hop Pellets 4.2 lbs per gallon 66% 139 lbs 227 lbs 554 lbs
Whole Cone Hops 1.1 lbs per gallon 66% 36 lbs 73 lbs 145 lbs
Coffee Beans 5.4 lbs per gallon 85% 230 lbs 459 lbs 918 lbs
Vanilla Beans 2.9 lbs per gallon 85% 123 lbs 247 lbs 493 lbs
Shredded Coconut 2.9 lbs per gallon 85% 123 lbs 247 lbs 493 lbs
Dried Fruit 4 lbs per gallon 85% 170 lbs 340 lbs 680 lbs

Our Brewing Partners

Whether we are building a duplicate production facility for a heritage beer label or helping a small community craft brewery positively affect the economy, we are proud to work with these outstanding beer brands as they grow their business.  

Samuel Adams Bells Ninkasi
Ballast Point Founders Pizza Port