Souffler le chaud et le froid

Transfert de chaleur sur mesure

Calculer les besoins

Le bon matériel de transfert de chaleur permet un déroulement plus rapide des opérations, des procédés plus durables, et des économies qui viennent s’ajouter à votre bénéfice net; mais vous devez savoir calculer correctement vos besoins. Voilà comment nous pouvons vous aider. 

Pour tout liquide, peu importe le volume

Notre surface de transfert de chaleur extrêmement polyvalente peut faire varier la température de tout type de liquide dont vous ayez besoin, peu importe le volume. Rapidement. From clamp-on sections and jacketed sheets, to cones, chutes, banks, and immersion panels, we can design, engineer, and manufacture the right shape and size for your process. 

Enhanced Alternatives to Shell and Tube

Temp-Plate closeup sheets

While shell and tube heat exchangers are most commonly taught to students in many engineering curriculums, changes in technology and innovation have brought about more efficient solutions.  At Paul Mueller Company we have 80 years of heat transfer and processing experience under our belts and we know which heat transfer works best for which applications. Whether it's:

  • Inflated Temp-Plate requiring significantly less space and minimizing chance of fouling all while providing efficient heat transfer rates in high pressure or corrosive environments
  • Plate Heat Exchangers achieving the closest possible approach temperatures and more economical than other types of heat exchangers due to the higher thermal efficiency and lower manufacturing costs
  • Custom Stamped Dimple Plate is ideally suited for applications involving high pressure and temperature extremes
  • Half-Pipe Coil handles large flow volumes effectively and great for cyclic heat transfer conditions

Simple or Complex Engineering

Not sure what kind of heat transfer you need? Let us help. Our engineers are ready to listen to your application and parameters and help you pick the best heat transfer type and size for your application. For highly-complex, industrial applications our wholly-owned subsidiary, DEG Engineering specializes in condenser, evaporator and reactor equipment for the most demanding conditions.

  • Très polyvalent
  • Convient à tout type de liquide
  • Applications à haute pression
  • Faibles chutes de pression
  • Soudé, façonné ou raccordé en usine
  • Nombreuses formes offertes
  • Facile à nettoyer
  • Appareils de qualité alimentaire offerts
  • Norme ASME offerte
  • Finis variés
  • Gaufrage simple ou double
  • Accumulation de condensat réduite
  • Régime d’écoulement libre
  • Entretien et réparations
  • Pièces